Revenue Cycle Management for Medical Practices

Tailoring Revenue Solutions for Optimal Care

Revenue Cycle Management for Medical Offices
Medical practices face a unique balancing act: Providing top-notch medical care while navigating the intricacies of revenue cycle management. The focus should be on patients, not perplexing paperwork, erratic insurance reimbursements, and the rest of the ridiculous time wasters brought to you by the insurance industry.
Our team steps in to simplify your billing processes, enhance patient account handling, and ensure you're compensated fairly and promptly for your services. We provide customized solutions that bolster your practice's financial health, allowing more time for your patients, your team, and yourself.

Patient Services

Providing top-notch patient services often means wrestling with inaccurate billing and complex payment processes, all while jumping through a host of other maddening payer hoops. Our EBO solutions cut through these challenges, zeroing in on patient satisfaction and practice efficiency. Let us handle the financial and administrative maze, so you can concentrate on what matters most – delivering exceptional patient care.
Patient AR Follow-Up
Combine personalized communication with technology-driven solutions to ensure timely patient payments, all while upholding a high standard of patient care and experience.
Customized Billing Solutions
From patient-friendly billing statements to efficient electronic billing systems, we simplify the payment process to significantly reduce Days in A/R and Cost to Collect.
Patient Education and Support
Provide clear explanations and compassionate support to help patients navigate their financial obligations, improving collections and maintaining patient loyalty.
Insurance Advocacy
Clarify insurance benefits, resolve coverage disputes, and ensure patients receive the maximum benefits available, reducing financial barriers to care.
Online Payment Portals
Offer patients the convenience of making payments online, anytime, increasing timely payments and patient satisfaction.
Not sure which services would give your bottom line the strongest boost? We'll do a comprehensive review of your RCM processes to pinpoint your exact needs.

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Denial Management

Physicians' offices grapple with a host of denial management challenges, from intricate coding and documentation errors to the nuances of pre-authorization and eligibility issues. Our specialized denial management approach is designed with physicians' unique needs in mind. We adeptly address coding inaccuracies, untangle pre-authorization knots, and advocate for the medical necessity of services, relentlessly chasing down the payers so you don’t have to.
Insurance Verification and Authorization
We specialize in thorough insurance verification and obtaining necessary pre-authorizations, ensuring claims are accepted and paid the first time.
Medical Necessity Justification
Our team excels in supporting physicians' offices with clear, concise justifications for services provided, minimizing denials and securing rightful reimbursements.
Optimized Payment Posting
We meticulously track and apply payments to patient accounts, preventing discrepancies, avoiding revenue leaks, and providing critical practice insights.
Adapting to Policy Changes
We keep you ahead of the curve by proactively applying the latest insurance policies and regulations, ensuring compliance and optimized payment.
Patient Demographic Accuracy
We employ advanced verification tools, integrated seamlessly with your systems, to ensure patient demographic data is accurate and current, reducing claim denials caused by data errors.
Denial Management and Appeals
We strategically identify common denial patterns, address root causes, and implement robust appeal processes to recover lost revenue and secure the money you’re owed.

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