Strategic Early Out Services That Move the Needle

Securing Timely Reimbursement While Increasing Patient Loyalty

Early Out Revenue Cycle Management

Transforming Patient Account Management Into Revenue Growth

Insurance payers transfer their responsibility for reimbursement to patients through high copays and deductibles, calling it “cost sharing.” We see this a little differently, and call it “cost shoving.” Addressing this with payers requires a time-tested, specialized approach, which we’ve perfected over two decades.

Armed with empathy, deep insights, and proactive processes, we counter payer strategies designed to minimize payouts, all while representing your office with 5-star finesse. Yes, payers will persist with their manipulative claim handling, but we’ve been at this for twenty years, and we are ready for them every time.

Our Results

5X ROI within one year
93% Success rate in overturning denials
36% Average increase in client revenue
42-day Average reduction in denial turnaround time

Our Patient-First Approach to Early Out

With over 150 5-star patient reviews and counting, our early out strategy truly shines in an industry often marred by patient dissatisfaction. Our innovative collection methods turn potential points of friction into game-changers for financial growth and patient loyalty.


Our robust engagement tools leverage millions of data points to zero in on the perfect way to connect. Is this an older patient who prefers a letter in the mailbox? A twentysomething who never answers a call, but always checks their texts? A Gen X-er doing everything through email? We pinpoint the best channel and timing to ensure our message lands just right, meeting patients where they are and significantly increasing response rates.


Your patients didn’t ask to be sick. They didn’t ask for confusing insurance statements, and they didn’t ask for the stress of payer manipulation and intentional trickery. Our finely-tuned call scripts use proven neuropsychology strategies to establish genuine rapport, demonstrate understanding and empathy, and compassionately guide patients through their options, resulting in a win for them and for you.


Payers make you out to be the bad guy, as if you have any control over the outrageous cost of care, rate negotiations, or coverage limitations. We help patients see that you’re navigating the same complex system as they are, with the same frustrations regarding meager payouts and dirty tricks. Then we shift the conversation to emphasize the value behind your service and the real, positive impact you’ve had on their lives.

Our 5-Star Patient Experience

At the heart of our early out services lies a commitment to revolutionizing patient financial interactions. We blend expertise in healthcare finance with a deep understanding of patient needs, creating a billing and payment process that's as reassuring as it is efficient.

Simplified Billing Explanations

We transform complex billing statements into clear, patient-friendly formats, enhancing understanding and compliance.

Personalized Payment Solutions

We create payment plans that align with patient financial circumstances, fostering affordability and increasing collection rates.

Rapid Resolution of Financial Queries

We provide quick, accurate responses to patient billing inquiries, improving satisfaction and reducing confusion.

Proactive Patient Financial Counseling

We offer dedicated support to guide patients through their financial obligations and options, building trust and transparency.

Efficient Payment Processing

We implement streamlined, user-friendly payment systems that expedite collections while maintaining patient convenience.

Regulatory Compliance and Data Security

We ensure all financial interactions are compliant with healthcare regulations and that patient data is securely managed.

Continuous Improvement through Feedback

We actively seek and incorporate patient feedback and cutting-edge data analytics to refine and enhance communication.

What Patients Have to Say

Not Just Early Out: Our Comprehensive Extended Business Office Services

We provide a full range of EBO services, designed to tackle every aspect of your healthcare revenue cycle with unmatched precision and care. From seamless insurance verification to meticulous account reconciliation, our suite of services is tailored to empower your practice's financial health.

Patient Account Management

Insurance Verification & Authorization

Denial Management & Appeals Processing

Payment Posting

Claim Submission and Follow-up

Credit Balance Management

Patient Billing and Statements

Financial Counseling

Pre-Collections Services

Compliance and Regulatory Guidance

Account Reconciliation

Bad Debt Recovery

Data Analysis and Reporting

Insurance Discovery Scrub

Presumptive Charity Care

Online Payment Portal Management

Eligibility Screening for Assistance Programs

Retroactive Medicaid Eligibility

Not sure where we can make the biggest impact? Let's hop on a call to dive into your unique challenges. We'll craft a customized plan that ensures your operations are streamlined and your financial health is strong, now and in the future.

Ready for happier patients and a healthier bottom line?