A Patient-Centered Approach to Medical Bad Debt Recovery

Over $1 Billion Collected since 2005

Medical Bad Debt Recovery

“RCA went above and beyond to help me clear up my overdue bill issues. This is the first time that I was happy to talk with a bill collector! I hope to never have to talk with a bill collector in the future, but if I do, I hope it’s RCA.”

“RCA cares about people. They understand what you may be going through, and made me feel better after talking about my bill. Wonderful people!”

“Taking care of things for my dad has been hard on me, but you made the process much easier. Thank you for your kindness and patience.”

5-Star Patient Reviews for Debt Collection? That’s Right!

Our “no stick, all carrot” collection methods are game-changers for financial growth and patient loyalty. 

In an industry where compassion and collections rarely go hand in hand, we’ve broken the mold with our proven, innovative approach. Not only does our team dramatically increase your revenue, we strengthen patient relationships with trust and respect in every interaction. Here’s how we make it happen:

Customized scripts that lead with empathy

Our in-house team undergoes rigorous training to use language that builds rapport and trust. We focus on words that convey understanding and compassion, ensuring that every conversation is respectful and constructive.

Dedicated, compassionate account reps

No more random phone calls from pushy, apathetic strangers. Patients work with one point of contact, trained to forge authentic human connection, listen actively, and provide solutions that acknowledge each patient’s unique circumstances.

Personalized outreach to optimize response

We tailor our communication strategies to fit the preferences of each patient. This allows us to engage more effectively by demonstrating respect for their needs and schedule while increasing the likelihood of a favorable response.

Advocacy strategies that reframe patient perspectives

Our approach goes well beyond simple debt collection to advocate for you, not just for the patient. We explain that, despite what patients may think, you’re not printing money; in fact, you’re at the mercy of the insurance goliaths just like patients are. And we remind patients of the value of the services you’ve provided, helping them remember that you’ve improved or even saved their lives.

"RCA has been amazing! The staff has a deep understanding of healthcare collections and are always willing to answer any request I have. Their practices have significantly increased our revenue; they were even able to collect on accounts we had placed with another agency for over 3 years! We could not be more pleased with the relationship we have with RCA."

"We're incredibly impressed with RCA! In just one month of bad debt recovery, RCA surpassed our previous agency's total collections for the entire year. Our owner, bookkeeper, and team are amazed by their remarkable performance. Having engaged staff managing these claims is truly remarkable. We extend our deepest gratitude for the invaluable support provided by Revenue Cycle Associates. Partnering with RCA has been an exceptional decision for us."

Ready for higher revenue and happier patients?