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At Revenue Cycle Associates, we understand the frustrations that come with managing financial operations in healthcare – the endless negotiations with insurance payers, the pressure to maintain financial stability, the delicate art of patient communication, and the constant pursuit of revenue cycle efficiency. Since 2005, we’ve been transforming these complexities into streamlined, profitable solutions for healthcare providers nationwide.
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Strategic Early Out Collections

Boost Your Healthcare Revenue by 36% with Strategic Early Out Collections

According to research from HFMA, increasing revenue is the number one priority for healthcare organizations nationwide, followed closely by improving the patient experience and reducing costs.  Fortunately, a strong early out strategy addresses all of these priorities. And in our experience, it often starts generating ROI within just a couple of weeks after implementation—a quick…

Denial Management Done Right

Insurance payers’ only concern is their bottom line, not yours. And they get sneakier and more frustrating every year, leading to ever-rising denials and increased burden on your staff, while keeping your money in their bank as long as possible. Our denial management solutions offer vital insights into denial reasons, proactive measures to reduce denials, detailed denial tracking and analysis, lost revenue recovery, and faster reimbursement. We work directly with your staff and integrate seamlessly with your systems. Partner with us, sit back, and watch your bottom line grow.
Extensive Payer Knowledge
Armed with a comprehensive understanding of every payer's system, both government and commercial, we expertly maneuver through their relentless tricks and complexities to secure your rightful revenue.
Proactive Denial Prevention
We implement innovative AI and data-driven strategies to identify and address potential denial triggers before they occur, ensuring a smoother, more efficient billing process and a significant reduction in denial rates.
Optimized Appeals Handling
Our skilled team swiftly navigates the appeals process, combining detailed claim analysis with all available legal recourse to overturn denials and recover every dollar owed to you, while reducing your cost of recovery.

Ready to 5X your revenue cycle ROI?

Our clients see an average 36% increase in revenue. Ask us how we do it!

Unparalleled Patient Support

Navigating healthcare finances can be as complex for patients as it is for providers. Insurance payers purposely create misunderstandings, deliberately underpay, and intentionally shift the burden of high copays and deductibles onto patients. Their sneaky tactics not only position providers as the antagonists, but also cause patient confusion and administrative overload. Our patient service solutions provide clear, compassionate guidance through these financial mazes, helping patients understand that you're not the enemy, and that you're fighting for them. 
Over 150 5-Star Patient Reviews
In an industry where patient satisfaction is hard-won, our exceptional service stands out. Leave the patient calls and communication to our team of empathetic, highly-trained experts, removing this burdensome task from your staff once and for all.
Advocates, Not Adversaries
Insurance payers intentionally make you out to be the greedy bad guy. This can make it even more challenging to communicate with patients, who often face difficult financial and emotional circumstances. Our approach prioritizes advocacy, education, and flexible solutions, while still keeping our eye firmly on your bottom line.
Strategic Early Out
We streamline patient payments before stress sets in, mixing clarity with compassion. Our early-out process elevates the patient experience and fast-tracks your revenue, striking the perfect balance between care and cash flow.

What Patients Have to Say

Finally break the cycle of write-offs and debt collection

Embrace a new era of financial efficiency, sustainable growth, and patient-centered care.

Who We Serve

Nationwide, hospitals large and small are under attack by duplicitous payers, who care only about their next shareholder meeting. We understand the unique challenges you face in securing rightful reimbursement, and we provide tailored solutions to beat the insurance goliaths at their own game.
Ambulance Services
In network or not, you’re in a no-win situation with insurance payers, who either reimburse you below cost or delay reimbursement by paying the patient directly. Our expertise lies in securing full and efficient payment collection, all while maintaining the utmost compassion and clarity in any patient communications.
Medical Practices
From unjust denials to sneaky underpayments, payers do whatever they can to keep your money for themselves. We specialize in making them pay, offering denial management, appeal strategies, and patient billing services that make sure you’re compensated fairly and promptly for the critical care you provide.
We are committed to transforming the burden of financial operations into a strategic advantage, so you can focus on what you do best – providing exceptional healthcare.

Revenue Cycle Management, A-Z

While we specialize in denial management and call center services, we excel at every facet of the healthcare revenue cycle. Whether it's proactive patient account management, accurate coding, efficient billing, resourceful debt collection, or innovative financial reporting, we've got you covered. How can we increase your bottom line today?