Revenue Cycle Management for Hospitals

Navigating Complex Needs in a High-Stakes Setting

Revenue Cycle Management for Hospitals
The complexities of revenue cycle management take on new dimensions when you’re grappling with high patient volumes, a diverse range of health issues, and competitive healthcare markets. We rise to these challenges with tailored solutions that manage the intricate web of payer contracts, sophisticated billing systems, and rigorous compliance demands.

Our expertise ensures your financial operations are as efficient and effective as your patient care, turning the hustle of healthcare into a harmonized, profitable operation. 

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Denial Management for Hospitals

Facing a never-ending tidal wave of denials? Our solutions cut through the noise. With two decades of payer wrangling under our belts, we directly tackle your hospital's high-volume billing challenges, navigate the ever-changing contract landscape, and ensure your compliance is as tight as your patient care. Say goodbye to the exasperation of payer evasion tactics, and hello to a streamlined process that turbocharges your revenue.
High-Volume Claim Processing
Ensure your hospital's billing processes are robust and scalable so you’re ready to meet the demands of your patient load, reduce errors, and speed up reimbursement.
Complex Case Coding
Precise coding for everything from routine care to specialized procedures, minimizing denials and maximizing reimbursement.
Insurance Management
Manage the labyrinth of frustrating and varying insurance requirements, including verification, authorization, and compliance with policies from an array of payers.
Regulatory Compliance and Updates
Adapt your billing practices to current healthcare laws and payer regulations, minimizing compliance-related denials and giving your staff back some much-needed time.
Proactive Denial Prevention
Reduce denials with tech-forward strategies to eliminate common errors, ensuring a smoother revenue flow that addresses potential issues before claims are submitted.
Enhanced Denial Analysis and Appeals
Identify denial root causes, enabling tailored, evidence-backed appeals based on a deep understanding of intentional payer hurdles – and how to get around them.

“Our Business Office partnered with Revenue Cycle Associates to review all self-pay patients for possible insurance coverage, and we are astounded at the results! The addition of this service to our existing relationship with RCA has exceeded my expectations in regards to increased revenue and customer service. We are proud of the relationship we have with RCA!”

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Patient Services for Hospitals

Hospitals juggle the critical mission of saving lives alongside the relentless demands of financial operations and payer stonewalling. Our EBO solutions are tailored to meet these challenges head-on, enhancing patient satisfaction and operational efficiency. Through strategic financial management and empathetic patient interactions, we streamline the billing process, ensuring a positive healthcare journey for patients and improved financial outcomes for hospitals.
Advanced Eligibility Verification
Quickly confirm coverage and aid, cutting through red tape to build patient trust and sidestep billing shocks.
Customized Patient Communication
Tailor every financial conversation with care, ensuring patients feel heard, supported, and understood.
Integrated Financial Assistance Programs
Seamlessly connect patients with financial aid, lightening the load of care costs and reducing unpaid care.
Automated Payment Reminders
Deploy timely, automated reminders to gently nudge patients towards prompt payments, enhancing cash flow with minimal effort.
Patient Portal Enhancement
Upgrade patient portals for easy bill pay and support access, making financial interactions as painless as possible.
Robust Financial Counseling
Offer extensive financial guidance, from untangling insurance puzzles to crafting manageable payment plans, easing patient worries.

“RCA was very professional and helpful in helping me resolve a billing issue. Excellent, empathetic, and courteous customer service! Thank you!”

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