Transform Healthcare Denials into Revenue Opportunities

Finally Overcome Payer Evasion Tactics and Reimbursement Dodging

The Problem

10-15% increase in denials year over year since 2020
$262 Billion denied annually, an average of $5 million per provider
$745 Billion in uncompensated hospital care since 2000
Denial Management Strategies

Beat the Insurance Companies at Their Own Game

In an era of soaring denial rates and intensified financial pressures, healthcare providers are grappling with both significant revenue loss and critical operational bottlenecks. With an alarming rise in denials and the daunting administrative task of recovering millions in lost revenue, the stakes have never been higher. Our proven denial management solutions directly address your organization’s multifaceted payer challenges, providing you with the strategic edge needed to turn denials into revenue opportunities and operational success.

Smart Solutions,
Superior Results

57% reduction in denial rates
93% Success rate in overturning denials
36% Average increase in client revenue
42-day Average reduction in denial turnaround time

How We Win the Denials Game

For two decades and counting, our no-nonsense approach has turned denials into cash. Here’s how we do it:

Meticulously examine your data to identify the core reasons behind denials

Create customized solutions to meet and anticipate your needs

Seamlessly embed our strategies into your day-to-day operations

Refine tactics to stay ahead of the curve

Empower your team with critical expertise and insight

Deliver game-changing results that redefine success


Our partnership with RCA has flourished from the start with ongoing success. We have been able to retain clarity and implement a seamless process. RCA goes above and beyond

Ready to Turn Denial Headaches into Revenue Wins?